Entry: Murakami Moves Me Wednesday, February 23, 2005

"I knew what was eating her. We got along well, but what she was after, the image in her mind, was somewhere else, not where I was. She wanted a kind of autonomy of communication. A scene where the hero - whose name was "Communication" - led the masses to a bright bloodless revolution, spotless white flags waving. So that perfection could swallow imperfection and make it whole. To me, love is a pure idea forged in flesh, awkwardly maybe, but it had to connect to somewhere, despite twists and turns of underground cable. An all-too-imperfect thing. Sometimes the lines get crossed. Or you get a wrong number. But that's nobody's fault. It'll always be like that, so long as we exist in this physical form. As a matter of principle."

'Dance Dance Dance'

Haruki Murakami


In other news, the weather has been absolutely barmy!


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May 26, 2010   09:39 AM PDT
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February 24, 2005   06:17 PM PST
What a lovely extract :) Absolutely barmy weather indeed.Time to dig out the wellies and beanies and cart them along to school!!

Keep snug, bug. XX

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