Entry: Kennan off Sunday, March 20, 2005

So George Kennan of the 'Long Telegram' fame has passed on, and I discovered this a day late. Funny how I've always assumed he is long dead when I come across his name in my Cold War notes. One less realist for the IR sphere... There somehow seems to be a fine thread that runs through our seemingly disparate lives, an whispering narrative of tiny coincidences and minor ironies that reveal themselves most unexpectedly. Rather Murakamian (speaking of which I've been off my Murakami diet for some time already; on the upside I've stopped having disturbing and fantastical dreams, on the downside, these are exchanged for realistic, disturbing ones)

Did I mention my Finals paper on China will be on June 4th? Liu4 si4 is going to be my day of liberation, and as I write my essays on Chinese democracy I shall ruminate about the quiet streets of Beijing exactly 16 years ago. In the meanwhile, I'll attempy to stick to my daily revision regiment with half-success, and keep my fingers crossed for the lovely weather that we've been blessed with of late.


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