Entry: How much does attention cost? Friday, April 15, 2005

Sorry for the protracted silence, I've been meaning to update but revision has been such a drudge that I've procrastinated mighty long. In defense, I did go away for a while (for a short getaway to Barcelona) and had a splendid time breathing Gaudi, modernista, Spanish food and great company. That seems ages ago, but really it wasn't. Otherwise, I have been the most boring person ever on Earth, leading a regimented life of solid revision, peppered with little treats like leisurely walks w the girls and visiting the weekly open market for delish fruits (yes! So Auntie, did you say?) 5 more weeks to go, I don't think I can even talk about revision anymore, because that is sapping my life already. Spent the day fretting about things which are probably not worth all that trouble, found myself falling into one of those wary bouts when I wonder So who exactly reads my words. Joe Nye was right when he said the cost of information has fallen so much that nearly anyone can get a piece of the action. But while it is now harder to buy attention, getting the wrong kind of attention is downright scary, which has the effect of heightening my stubborn struggle to fight for a piece of private space in the vast virtual world.


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