Entry: Paranoia Monday, April 18, 2005

It is freaking scary to find a sudden spike in the number of daily hits, after I found myself inadvertently linked by people I do not even know. So if you are reading this and you have no idea who I am, I hope you will now understand the heart of this matter. I know full well it is a public space out there, that google does wonders for people with words on their fingertips, but this blog, and I reckon many other ones too, was meant for close friends and presumably friends of friends. Thanks to a comment on noself's blog, I realised how someone could have got from his blog to cz's through mine. We link our friends, and realise in retrospect how dangerous it could be, because the internet holds infinite possibilities for resourcefulness/sleuthing. And now I will watch and scrutinise my words with greater paranoia and fear than ever, lest you decide to compile a dossier of my neurosis and levity (which the rest of my blog with presumably show) and forward it to my sponsors. So think the issue through again after the kneejerk instinct to condemn him. You might be inclined to believe that we are all repressed beings in real life, and therefore take up the anonymity offered by blogging to express our dark, bigoted thoughts, but people can create blogging personae too, totally opposite from what they are in reality. Think about how different people have different conceptions of blogging, think about how you got here. Think deeper please, I implore you.


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