Entry: Je vais retourner... vraiment Saturday, April 30, 2005

Just a quick note to say that I will probably be taking a long hiatus. Recent affairs on the blogosphere have made me a tad more disillusioned about our capacity to speak freely in this domain, but no, I am not cowering away but rather just retreating into my Finalist shell. Nothing interesting happens now, besides the usual 'I did so little work today", "Weather is gorgeous/crap", so go read the more interesting blogs around, but try not to forward things you disagree with to the ST eh.

Not very far away now - I have 22days exactly, and when I tried to write a practice essay on Kant today, I realised with much panic, that I still can't understand Kant. But hey no worries, 22 days! Over in a jiffy, everyone says. I am thoroughly sick of revising, have been hitting new lows ever so frequently and much against my will. And in the midst of this hurly-burly, I wished I could compartmentalise my life better; Kissingerian linkages cannot apply to matters of the heart, they don't create emotional detentes but only deepen the unspoken chasms that stand between.

May Day in a few moments, can already hear the jolly drunks along Cowley. I actually have a view of the Magdalen tower from my window, so I could wake at 6 to watch the choir sing, then fall back into bed immediately, haha. But hey, May Day is fabulous because Magdalen put up a spectacular display of fireworks just now, and so like a child, I gaped in wonder and felt sad when it ended. Damn, they must be so rich!

Tis great to have found people/re-established contact/ hosted a mini reunion on my tagboard, so there are silver linings after all. Well in any case, I'll be back, soon-ish, might have random updates, but no promises. In the meanwhile, I'ld still love to hear from you so swing by my email or tag the board.

take care


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stumbled upon your blog while surfing ... juz wanna say good luck to your finals!

from a fellow sporean in oxford too (though I've never been to any of oumssa events)
May 1, 2005   12:33 AM PDT
And I've only just "found" you! ;)

All the very best :) xx

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