Entry: Now how stupid can she possibly be? Saturday, May 14, 2005

Ahhh thanks for the various tags and comments, it's extremely happifying to hear from y'all, especially when I'm pretty much incarcerated in this revision shell. I promise I will be a better correspondent and keep in touch once I emerge from Finalism. But golly, 8 more days!! Anyway I am here because I have a funny story to share.

So you know how we need to register for Finals with Exam Schools, and it was actually done ages ago (last November, to be precise). I happily registered for mine, sent in the form, got a confirmation slip which I happily pinned up on my board. Just last week, they sent us our individual timetables, and again I opened the envelope, took out the sheet and pinned it on the board, not really checking because I have got my exam schedule off the web about a month ago anyway. Then yesterday during one of those bouts of zoning out between work, I glanced, for the first time, properly at my timetable and discovered I had no exam on Tuesday of 5th, which is wrong because that's when the History of Philosophy paper should be. Puzzled, I took it down and good grief, I discovered I had entered myself for the wrong exam paper! According to my schedule, I would be doing Knowledge and Reality instead of History. Fast forward to end (cutting out frantic run into college office, filling in a form, running back home for a cheque, running back to pay), all's good, I am 30 pounds poorer (and the University of Oxford 30 pounds wealthier), fingers crossed I will write essays about Hume, Berkeley and Kant, and not about whether we can conceive time without change.

Moral of the story: Friday the Thirteen was my lucky day. And of course, that should dig my eyes out if I don't bother to make good use of them... :( But all's good, all's good, I hope you are too.


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