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cherf » thanks srn! you take care too!
srn » cherf, last weekend till exams start... i'm rooting for you and peish kay!! =) i'm typing my last paper out now... it's been an awfully tiring 3 weeks, but looking back it goes by fast! jia you kay!
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cherf » thanks jen, gd luck w yours too! =)
cherf » goodness hello fiona! (i hope i'm right!) thanks for dropping a note, congrats on finishing your disstn, yay! you take care and have a great time too!
jen » i love what ser said... hhhahhaa. go go cherf!
Your firs A15 mortal » long, your exams will be over soon--and look forward to the day when you can be truly relieved. That freedom should keep you going. Best of luck. Take care
Your firs A15 mortal » hi cher farn stumbled onto your sweet blog by "accident" congrats on columbia and speaking as someone who just handed in her 10,000 word dissertation which she had been utterly buried under for too
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cherf » cz> wah you're here! least i cld do, hope all's good on your side, take care and ttys yea
cherf » srn> thanks ser, can't wait for it to be all over. you take care too! *bighug*
cz » yes...its time i made my appearance on this tag reunion too~~ thanks cherf for all the support through the entire debacle~. u've been simply wonderful...^^
srn » cherf! don't get burnt out!! think positive!! u can do it, u've been thru PSLEOLEVELSPRELIMSALEVELS each one seemingly worse than the previous but it works out in the end! heads up and God speed ya!
pamela » heya, i've got one last paper to go and its really heck care. been planning eur trip with great delight, heh! dont let the stress get to you.
cherf » hey pam, yes back in july! <4 weeks to go, stressed!!! hope work's winding down on your side, hv you planned your eur trip?
pamela » hi cherf!been meaning to write an email,will do so nxt wk.hope everything's going well on your end,congrats on going to NY!will u be back this summer?july?
cherf » absolutely! haha can't believe i'm hosting a reunion on a tagboard, we must meet up in summer!!
jen » humanz reunion rocks!
noself » Oh yes, hi to everyone else of whom I have not seen in ages. Siau, what happened to our dinner plans made when I was still in NS? =)
noself » Don't worry about using my name. I stand by what I say =P
cherf » hehe quite abit of a reunion we're having here huh glad to hear fr you all, hope all's well. siau! gd luck w revision too! take care pple
srn » let me know if u need me to send u the lecture ones k?! siau (and sorry cherf to use your msg space!) - i only keep track of a handful of ppl. =T good luck w revisions!
srn » wow cherf, i'm amazed too tt u got so many hits, if u've been getting one every couple of days it's because of me sleuthing after u and peish haha. i don't think the notes helped much...
siau » hey cherf dearie! argh. worst way to 'discover' your blog. hope revision's going well and all! *muaks* and HI to the rest of the world too! ser... you're never online but you blog?? congrats joce
cherf » jen> hello, yes the world is way smaller than we think isn't it. btw cool blog you have!
cherf » tausarpiah>go away teewy!
cherf » hweishan>haha hello there, how're you? yes, so it seems homophobia is ok but racism is not... shameless!
cherf » srn> yes and now we shall pray tt the worst is over... thanks for sending me your notes btw!
jen » siGH!! hey cherf! it's jen 00a14 jen.. haha. how are u? congratz on NY!! i suppose u can tell how i found ur blog.
tausarpiah » harlowwww i found you hiak hiak
hweishan » yes, those ppl have gone too far. things shldn't have gotten this out of hand. and what they're saying abt him is unforgivable.
srn » well said cherf, my feelings exactly.
cherf » thanks guys! everyone let's meet in NY next yr eh! xx
Joce » OMG CHERF! CONGRATS! pls pls tell me more
jce » hey cherf, yay!! congrats!! =)
srn » YAYY Cherf!! CONGRATS!!! really happy for you!! ahh now i will have an incentive to go to NY more often!!!
cherf » joce> yay, glad to hear that, keep that confidence going, i'm sure it's leading somewhere!
cherf » thanks srn, i'll try! if only you were here to savour spring too! hope all's good on yr side, take care!
Joce » Heya cherf thanks for your support! The reading went better than I'd expected and I feel like I'm on the brink of something really powerful right now
srn » don't worry cherf, it'll be over soon! it's your last term in oxford, so keep fond memories of it, even in the midst of all the studying, ya!
Joce » hey cherf thanks for dropping a note! How've u been? My script's going public Mar 19 & I'm nowhere near finished editing!
cherf » hey ser, thanks for e gd advice! yea i've been cookg food batches out of sheer laziness, heh. hope all's well on your side, come visit us in oxf soon! happy CNY and take care!
srn » george formang grill (for grilling) is a gd and fussfree investment too. love to meena and e-mail u soon!
srn » hope that everything is going well for you, revisions and essays and all! made omelettes w roommates for dinner, one suggestion =) or u cld cook up a batch of fish/chicken/stews for the week?
srn » cherf! miss oxford loads seriously suffering from missoxfordsyndrome... somehow everyone here seems more competitive and more busy. whereowhere are the cobbled stones... =(
cherf » hello andris! yo joce! hope you're having a blast at MTV, been reading your articles!
Joce » Heya cherf glad to hear u've been having a fireworking good tiime! haha! Shouting out to you from my MTV office right now
andris » hellooooo!!! =)
jonong » merry christmas cherf! hope you're having fun in s'pore!
peishan » *BIGGER HUG* Happy Christmas Cherfy!!! And a most fantabulous New Year!
Paggie » Hi Cherf! This is Paggie from CSP5. How r u? Can you pls give me ur postal address? U can send it to my email. Thanks!
cherf » hello bev! i'm busy like mad but looking fwd to the vac! we must catch up in dec ya! happy hols!
cherf » pam> yes he started the imp movement really, i actually liked the sketches better. hope exams are going well, bonne chance!
bev » hello cherfarn! how are you? =D
pam » wow,wonder how it is seeing pissaro in real life rather than just off an art book. wasn't he the one who used pointillism? and.. congrats on the job, nevermind the muddy shoes
peishan » thank you
Joce » Hey Cherf, how've u been? Miss you lots. Take care!
peish » "our last days" sounds strangely morbid...
cherf » cz> painkillers my dear, they work! haha 14 days MC or painless removal... tough. ehh your blog is hilarious man! keeps me going in office
cz » eh...i think i need to remove my wisdom teeth...so pain. but i say must tahan till NS...den can take MC..hehe...how??
cherf » peish> I KNOW! i must join you MOM pple for lunch someday...
cherf » jon> heh, thanks! how've you been? looking forward to 2nd year i'm bet
peish » work sucks!!! haha... thank god it's almost lunchtime
jon » it was your bday? whoops happy belated bday!!
cherf » bev> haha thanks! arghh i'm old now! :S
Joce » It's the era of the underdogs in the world of soccermania! Ref: World Cup 2002
cherf » jce> cool! glad you guys had a gd time. yes i'll be back soon, just loads of packing to do, arghhh!
jce » hey cherf! was down in london and birmingham 2 wks ago w rj mep+chamber, bev is still in london tho. we had a really gd time! anw jiayou for e last wk!
pammygummy » tell me abt pletnev.gosh it just occured to me tt i havent been for a classical concert this yr yet!am catching yoyoma w silk rd in june tho
cherf » pam> ahh shall explain pletnev when i see you back in summer. bali sds excellent, you must be looking forward to that! haha am just X-ing fingers re MITA...
pammygummy » btw why was pletnev FUNNY?he struck me as rather deadpan the last time he was here.i hope i'l visit rome soon.summer hols:bali.
pammygummy » that's an excellent picture u know! ha and am sure tt MITA will throw up lots of interesting insights. could have been attached to one of the civil service HR dpts too,but too lazy to apply. *grin*
cherf » cz> grrrrrr not fair! mine's 6 full weeks! where are you going to corrupt young minds?
cherf » joce> yes am really looking forward to rome! will be back late june before leaving for china, but we must meet up! heard fr crys bout your script, congrats!
cherf » arlene> yes we must! will be back late june, see you soon!
cz » oh...u got mita?? hehe...how long? my is 3 weeks only!!! hiak hiak hiak.
Joce » Oh i'm envious to DEATH! U're going Rome?? Have fun! When u coming back SG?
Arlene » yup, let me know when you're back okie ? We could do some catching up then
cherf » hey arlene, what a surprise! hope you're enjoying your hols, take care
Arlene » Just to say Hi again! havent' been reading your blog for a long time...
cherf » pam> yea, hsemate said recital was really good, and pletnev was dead funny! can't wait to go to rome too, what bout you? any summer trips?
pammy » pletnev! oh i caught him in sg and he played with such mastery. and ur going to ROME? so lucky, take lots of pretty pictures.
cherf » hey cz, so you're one of them too eh? when are you going back to SG ar? saw aggie and she said sthg bout humanz reunion...
cz » hehehe...all the blog stalkers snooping around ah?? tsk tsk...
pammy » hi cherfy werfy! *waves* i've been visiting this page n snooping around.
cherf » hey joce, thanks for dropping by! good luck w the exams, take it easy yea!
Joce » taking a break from my blasted exam mugging now to say HEYA! can't wait to hear more abt your trip
bev » aww, don't be sad =) summer'll come round really fast =s take care!
peishan » hey hey hope you're well. is there any chance we'll make italy???
cherf » hey bev! i'm good, thanks. hope you're having tons of fun in RJ, hehe. won't be back till summer tho, am missing the good food and home...
bev » hey cherf! how have you been?? hope you're having loads of fun =) are you coming back soon??
cherf » cz> haha, it's ok lar, my sheer stupidity. how've you been? ah pity we won't be able to catch each other in munich! have a great easter vac yea?
cherf » joce> yes, 21 grams was awesome, beautifully crafted! hey heard bout the tw commission, congrats!!
cherf » jon> hey how're you doing? have a great time back in s'pore yea? and all the best for the concert!
cz » haiyah...sorry to hear abt ur backpack being stolen. i noe wad it feels like...
Joce » Hey how'd u like 21grams? It blew my mind! Couldn't tear my eyes away from the screen even while the credits were rolling